Meth Testing

New Zealand Standard 8510:2017 has come into force and we are following these guidelines.
Testing limits for Methamphetamine Laboratory Testing is 0.02ug. Ministry of Health recommended Guidelines are

        1.5 µg/100cm2

Sampling method that we use:

  • No less than five samples taken inside the building.
  • Samples taken in areas that are most likely to show evidence of contamination.
  • Surfaces used in the illicit drug manufacturing process should be sampled.
  • Any room or area occupied by a child under the age of 16 years should be sampled.
  • For areas of non-porous surfaces such as bench tops, mirrors or metal surfaces sampling may be achieved through the collection of wipe or swab samples of 100 cm2.
  • Any wipe must be free of interring substances and capable of absorbing the suspected analyte so as to provide a true representation of any surface contamination that may be present. Consultation with the certified analysing laboratory is advised. We use Hills Laboratories in Hamilton.
  • Ventilation ducts (if present) that are in close proximity to the area where the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine has occurred should be sampled.
  • Chain of custody protocols should be followed. Each sample must be uniquely labelled and sealed in an appropriate bag or container and submitted to a laboratory for analysis.



  • In the first instance Hill laboratories carries out a lab compositing procedure which involves extracting the individual wipe samples but combining equal portions of the extracts together to form a new sample called a Lab Composite.
  • If the reading for the Lab Composite sample comes back above 0.3ug/wipe, we will discuss further options.  The corrected guideline is used to allow for the possibility that all the contamination is in one of the wipes. 5 samples taken x .3 equals 1.5 which is the limit set in the NZS 8510:2107.
  • The individual wipes can then be analysed without returning to site to re-sample in order to determine the distribution of Meth in the dwelling.